How can I learn about finance and investing?

A collection of our top sites that will teach you the fundamentals of finance and investing has been gathered for your convenience. There are many different ways to learn about finance and investing.

Participate in the American Dream Experience by signing up. The American Dream Experience is a free, two-day program that teaches you a different approach to investing than what you are used to. As a result of this course, you will learn about the extremely detrimental financial practices that the majority of people blindly embrace, as well as about a modern method of investing that is based on academic concepts and tactics developed by Nobel Prize-winning economists. Join us for an event that will push you to think about everything you’ve ever been told in a new light and will change your perspective on life.

Attend the Financial Foundations Program to learn more about money. This free 8-week course will teach you about a different topic every week, ranging from mortgages to taxes to retirement planning. Because of all you’ve learned during the course, you’ll be able to make financial decisions with greater confidence when you complete them.

Charles Pettit is the program’s instructor, and he gives plenty of opportunities for you to provide comments and ask questions. In order to facilitate intimate talks about money, which is often a taboo issue, we are restricting the number of attendees.

Read The Personal Economic Model for more information. Charles Pettit strongly recommends this book by Don Blanton and Dr. C.W. Copeland, which is written in the style of Don Blanton. The brief chapters make it simple to read, but don’t be deceived by its simplicity. It’s jam-packed with useful information. You’ll get an understanding of all of the decisions that have an influence on your financial objectives.

Many financial advisors are enthusiastic about the idea of cutting back on one’s lifestyle in order to save for retirement. (After all, who wants to do that?) Learn how to be more effective with your money by avoiding avoidable losses by picking up a copy of this book now!

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