What high school subjects are needed for law?

There are three levels of education required to practice law in India: a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, and a doctoral degree. In India, the law is a common career choice for students. The fact that well-known figures like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and former US President Barack Obama were attorneys speaks much about the appeal of this profession. In India, there is a wide range of job options for those interested in law. These days, law grads aren’t simply going to the courthouse clothed in black and white attire, but they’re also making their presence felt in business houses and legal offices.

A profession in law necessitates long hours and a lot of effort. Legal specializations tend to fall into one of two categories: criminal or civil. However, in recent years, other fields of law, such as cyber law, patent law, and corporate law, have become increasingly popular.

Elective Courses in Law

Courses in English
The foundation of law is critical thinking. Having a successful legal profession requires you to understand the intent and text of the law. eAchieve English lessons go beyond only teaching students how to write and read well. When you’re trapped reading an ancient legal document that served as precedent, mastering the art of effective reading will come in handy. In addition, we offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses in literature, which include both classical and contemporary works.

Courses in Humanities and Social Sciences
The law is responsible for keeping the world in order. The reason we have laws is important to know if you wish to work in the legal field. All prospective legal employees should take courses in social studies, including classes on social concerns, international history, governance, and criminal law.

Courses in Information Technology
Medical science is a very complex field that requires extensive study and training beyond graduation. Educate yourself on the fundamentals to give yourself a leg up. eAchieve’s online health and physical education curriculum. Find out how to eat healthily or how the human body works.

Courses in Different Languages from Around the World
Expand your legal career options by learning a second language. For those who speak more than one language, the door to a wide range of career opportunities might be opened throughout the world. Classes in Spanish, French, German, and Chinese can be taken at any level from beginner to advanced.

Courses in Business Administration
In order to work as a business lawyer, it’s a good idea for high school students to take courses in business education. A wide range of businesses use in-house counsel, and business attorneys can work in law firms or as in-house counsel.

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